Vault Comics To Go Digital With Its Back Catalogue Coming To Omnibus

by Olly MacNamee

Vault Comics are partnering up with digital comics marketplace and reader, Omnibus to make their back catalogue of comic books available online this spring.

Vault CEO and publisher Damian Wassel said of this new deal:

“Everyone in comics, from creators to publishers, benefits from a great digital reading experience and marketplace for new comics. We’re excited to join some of the best folks in the business on Omnibus.”

And here’s a bit more on new kid on the block, Omnibus:

“founded by tech veterans and comic book lovers Kenny Meyers and Travis Schmeisser, has been steadily gaining traction in comics press and social media circles, promising not only an alternative to the Amazon run ComiXology, but a superior digital comics buying and reading experience for lapsed readers following the platform’s widely disputed updates.”

We are told more details will follow in the coming week.


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