Action, Magic, And Poor Decisions: Previewing ‘Rise Of The Kung Fu Dragon Master’

by Brendan M. Allen

Chris Mancini pens a love letter to the action, comedy, and buddy movies of the 1980s, and more. At last, buddy movies and martial arts are hand in hand. On sale next week, White Cat Entertainment has announced the return of dynamic duo Chris Mancini and artist Fernando Pinto with their upcoming 188-page softcover OGN, Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master

Rick, a small-time crook in Los Angeles, accidentally acquires the power of the dragon and gets mixed up in an ancient mystical battle between good and evil that’s been fought since the days of ancient China. It’s an epic martial arts saga filled with action, magic, poor decisions, dragons, and surly baristas.

Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master drops March 15.

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