Preview: ‘Dungeons & Dragons- Ravenloft- Orphan Of Agony Isle’

by Brendan M. Allen

IDW Publishing has revealed a preview of Dungeons & Dragons: Ravenloft—Orphan of Agony Isle out tomorrow from Casey Gilly, Ryan Cady, Ro Mediavilla, Corin Howell, Vincenzo Riccardi, Kayla Felty, and more. 

DISCOVER the Demiplane of Dread! In her castle laboratory, D&D’s own mad scientist, Dr. Viktra Mordenheim, performs experiments testing the bounds of science and magic! THRILL to a Castle of Horrors! Following a terrible accident, Miranda awakens in Schloss Mordenheim under the questionable care of the definitely-not-lawful-good doctor, with no memory of who she is. Desperate to learn about her past, she soon begins to question what she is told and test the strictures placed upon her. Gentle Reader, the truth she uncovers will SHOCK and DISTURB you! SHUDDER at a Menagerie of Monsters! 

A collection of lab notes detail the tragic fates of Ravenloft’s unfortunate inhabitants, in a collection of supplementary stories by writers Casey Gilly, Ryan Cady, and Ro Mediavilla, and artists Corin Howell, Vincenzo Riccardi, and Kayla Felty. We must caution you, Dear Reader, these are not tales for the faint of heart!

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