TV Review: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3, Episode 2

by Frank Martin

It’s tough to think of The Mandalorian as a slow burn because there has been so much action over its past two seasons. Its main character has grown considerably since the start, but in terms of overall Mandalorian lore, it’s definitely been a slow drip. Even the main characters names, Grogu especially, were kept secret for a long time. This changed a lot with this week’s episode as the Mandalorian, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), actually visited Mandalore in order to redeem himself in the eyes of his Creed. It was a great episode in and of itself, but it was especially meaningful for fans that have been following Mandalore’s journey throughout the various Star Wars shows.

After visiting Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff), Djarin stops on Tatooine, where he acquired a droid to help him scout Mandalore. After landing on the planet, the droid went missing, forcing him to go out and find it. This inevitably lead to the Mandalorian’s capture. Miraculously, Grogu was able to escape and head back to Bo-Katan (who lives on a nearby moon) to get help. She was successful in freeing him, and Djarin continued his journey into the mines of Mandalore. After bathing in the Living Waters, he was sucked under and once again rescued by Bo-Katan, but not before she witnesses a giant monster within the waters.

Besides being action heavy, this episode had a lot of tidbits that could get fans excited. Grogu showed off some of his Jedi skills — he’s not just a little baby incapable of taking care of himself! Also, the monster within the Living Waters resembles the icon his clan displays; the skull of the legendary mythosaur. There are a lot of connections to be made and a lot still to be explained, but this was just the second episode of the season. There’s still a long way to go and it should definitely get fans excited for what’s to come in the weeks ahead.

The Mandalorian streams Wednesdays on Disney+.

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