‘The Flash’ Season 9, Episode 6 Review

by Frank Martin

It’s episodes like this week’s installment of The Flash that make it understandable why the show is ending. After the Red Death (Javicia Leslie) faded from being a main villain, this show has hit another lull. Its two main characters go on vacation while some of its minor characters shine in the spotlight. The results isn’t necessarily a bad episode all on its own. But this show has been running for nine seasons. Filler episodes like this one have become a bit tired at this point. So without anything new to contribute, fans might be glad it’s coming to its finale.

This episode brought back Becky (Sugar Lyn Beard), who had the metapower of good luck. It was turned on its head when she started exhibiting bad luck and was arrested for murder. This forced Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) to clear her name. Unfortunately, Cecile is also trying to juggle her role as a superpowered attorney and a mom whose family lives out of the city. Eventually, Becky’s name is cleared and Cecile saved the day. The hour also ended on a note that Khione (Danielle Panabaker) has a weird status of being neither a meta nor a human — something that will absolutely be explored in future episodes.

This episode was definitely a one-off. It’s unlikely that Becky will play a major role in future episodes. Instead, this is all just basically filler to give Cecile some character growth. It’s certainly possible that this entire episode could have been scrapped without any real detriment to the overarching season’s storyline. Obviously, the season is going to want to ramp up for a big finale. That upward trend has not begun yet. Hopefully, it will start soon. Otherwise, fans will become even more exhausted from a show that is having some seriously tiresome episodes.

The Flash airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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