IDW Expands Its Artist’s Editions Line With New Titles Featuring Legendary Creators Revealed

by Olly MacNamee

The high-end IDW Artist’s Editions hardbacks, reproducing some of the most iconic comic book art by some of the best creators to ever illustrate comics in its rawest form, is expanding. And IDW have revealed details for a whole host of new books. These books collect the original art pages from classic Marvel comic book runs, with each page scanned in high resolution from the actual storyboard artwork and presented in oversized editions for the discerning fan. Here’s all you need to know about the new announcement and the previously revealed titles. Start saving now!

Talking about this newly announced slate of books, IDW publisher Nachie Marsham said:

 “We’re proud to be able to publish art from more of the industry’s legendary creators, and to continue bringing Marvel’s storied history to the page. We’re honored to continue growing the library of Artist’s Editions with new Marvel projects, all under the expert guidance of our award-winning director of special projects, Scott Dunbier.

Dunbier added:

“Marvel Comics’ wonderful output of stories has been an extraordinary playground for me to create Artist’s Editions in. Working with our friends at Marvel will allow us to continue doing books with old favorites like Walter Simonson and John Romita, and focus on a bunch of artists that are brand-new to the format. I think people will be as excited as I am as we roll out the incredible books we have planned in the years to come!”

‘Walter Simonson’s Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition collects complete stories of mythic proportions from Fantastic Four #337–341 and #352–354, a celebrated run from Simonson on “the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine.”’

Bill Sienkiewicz’s Mutants and Moon Knights and Assassins Artisan Edition (9781684059683, scheduled for September) spotlights some of the finest covers, pinups, and pages from Sienkiewicz’s Moon Knight, The New Mutants, and Elektra: Assassin projects.

John Romita’s Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Strips Artist’s Edition (9798887240558, scheduled for October) showcases approximately 300 of the very earliest Amazing Spider-Man daily comic strips by the two creators most associated with the Web-Slinger: Stan “the Man” Lee and “Jaunty” John Romita.

Plus, there are alos the already announced Kevin Nowlan’s Marvel Heroes Artist’s Edition (scheduled for April), Michael Golden’s Marvel Stories Artist’s Edition (scheduled for July), and Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artist’s Edition (scheduled for August).

‘John Byrne’s X-Men Artist’s Edition (scheduled for November), printed for the first time since 2018, collects many pages from seminal tales of Marvel’s mutants, including two of the most influential comic storylines of all time: “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and “Days of Future Past.”’

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