Review: ‘Avengers Forever’ #15 Delivers Big On Action And Big On Story As We Enter The Endgame

by Olly MacNamee


‘Avengers Forever’ #15 is another larger-than-life instalment in Jason Aaron’s epic, carefully planned endgame for his five-year run on ‘The Avengers’, consummately crafted by artist Aaron Kuder. Galactus, Celestials and Mephisto tower above the all-out action on the ground – and in the sky – to deliver a battle bursting off each page.


With each issue of this epic climax to Jason Aaron’s mammoth five-year run on The Avengers, the scale of the battle between the Avengers of infinite Earths and the Multiversal Masters of Evil has only increased. And so we get Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, thrown into the mix. And, why not? While I have tired of this ongoing battle across both The Avengers and Avengers Forever titles, as we come to the end, I find myself gripped once more. Indeed, I have mostly been entertained by this whole series and this penultimate chapter is no exception. 

There must come a moment when a writer, such as Aaron, after such a long run, must look back at his work and ponder what he has added to the grand mythos of such beloved characters. In this case, the Avengers. And, as you turn each page and witness the sheer size of the gathered characters Aaron has created to populate the Marvel multiverse, he must be able to rest assured that his mark on this flagship title will be deep and long lasting. His legacy, alongside some awesome storytelling, is a universe – and more – of new characters ripe for others to make use of in the years to come. Excelsior, indeed, Aaron.

On the ground, and in the sky, are the assembled Avengers from across the multiverse, while towering above them are the likes of Galactus, Mephisto and more. I’m not sure Aaron could cram anymore in, but Aaron Kuder has shown issue by issue, want a skilled draughtsman he is in managing to choreograph the whole thing without muddying the waters. Each panel is defined and well thought out to properly convey the massive scale of this event. He makes us of long, vertical panels to present the various factions of the Avengers, while utilising whole page splashes to present the aforementioned giants. All with sophisticated lifework etched into the background details to give a strong sense of frantic movement and dramatic energy. 

Almost side the action we get a moment of calm before Kuder unleashes his inner horror artist and gives us a Mephisto who truly looks horrifying. As he should do. I mean, let’s face it, Mephisto’s design does leave a lot to be desired and I for one have never seen him as the threatening demon the Marvel universe did. I mean, he’s a demon, yeah, but a demon on a thing a cloak? Really, who could take him seriously? But, after this storyline, and his depiction by Kuder, he really does look the part. A truly evil, Machiavellian menace worthy of his place as the arch-nemesis of Aaron’s Forever Avengers.

A frantic, fearless issue deftly seeing up an all-consuming climax in the forthcoming Avengers Assemble: Omega #1. I cannot wait! After years of swearing off Marvel, Aaron and Kuder, with this series in particular, have made me an acolyte one again. 

Avengers Forever #15 is out now from Marvel

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