Coming In December: ‘The Definitive Nemesis The Warlock’ – All The Deviancy, Just Definitively Bigger!

by Richard Bruton

Coming in December 2023, the Definitive Nemesis the Warlock Vol. 1 brings us Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s classic 2000 AD creation in an oversized format…


A long, long time ago, Brother Mills and Brother O’Neill came up with the very strangest tale of alien adventuring, featuring some magnificently bizarre characters and plenty of out-and-out grotesque brilliance. That, of course, was Nemesis The Warlock.

Beginning in 2000 AD Prog 167, Nemesis’ 10-book saga has gone many different places, with some of the finest artists in comics adding their mark to the deviant’s journey – Jesus Redondo, Bryan Talbot, John Hicklenton, David Roach, and Henry Flint.

And over the years since it began, it’s been collected a fair number of times – whether that’s as the Titan editions, the Complete Nemesis series, both collecting the original b&w strips from the Progs, the Deviant edition of the coloured versions of books 1-3, the Ultimate Nemesis partwork edition, or the very limited Heresies editions.

But come December 2023, there’s going to be one more collection to add to your shelves of this absolutely essential story from 2000 AD, one of THE high points of the comic, one of the crown-jewels of the Progs.

Because this December, 2000 AD will release Nemesis the Warlock in a brand-new series of Definitive editions, presenting one of the best in an oversized format to let all the deviant artwork really get under your skin!

All we really know right now is that it’s going to start at the very beginning with Kevin O’Neill’s artwork (and let’s face it, anything that shows off O’Neill’s unique line in an oversized format is a must-buy). 2000 AD have described it as the “definitive series is a comprehensive collection of the complete storyline in order, and features development sketches showing the evolution of Nemesis and his living spaceship, the Blitzspear.”

The good news is that it’s Vol. 1, indicating that they’re planning more… but just how much of the 10-book series they’re going to cover, just how oversized, what other extras we’ll see, whether it’s going to be the original b&w or the coloured versions… well, that we’re going to have to wait till later in the year to find out.

One thing I do know for certain though, it’s going on my Christmas list to Santa this year!

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