IDW, Steve Niles And Damien Worm Announce New Gothic Horror Series ‘Brynmore’

by Olly MacNamee

Legendary horror creator Steve Niles is releasing a new harrowing Gothic horror series Brynmore, this summer with IDW. A five-issue miniseries “set on a remote island plagued by a sinister generational curse,” with art by Niles’ October Faction collaborator Damien Worm, debuting in June 2023.

“In Brynmore, the recently divorced and newly sober Mark Turner returns to his hometown of Turner Island hoping to rebuild his shattered life and rekindle a relationship with his estranged daughter, Sophie. Planning to renovate the town’s dilapidated church into a home for himself, Mark’s dreams of a second chance soon begin to crumble as he encounters hostility from the locals and finds himself enmeshed in a dark and sinister legacy of intrigue dating back to when the island was first named after his ancestors. Locked in battle with malefic forces beyond his control, Mark must work to uncover the island’s dark history while keeping himself and Sophie safe from harm—and staying away from the bottle in the process.”

Cover B by Francesco Francavilla

Here’s what Niles had to say about this new book:

“I’ve had the title Brynmore in mind for years, waiting for the right story. This one just felt right. It has themes that I love to work with often: being an outsider in a strange land, the struggles of a single parent, plus a good dose of horror and scares. One of the big motivations for Brynmore was getting to work with Damien Worm again. I love working with him, and he’s really bringing out the big guns for this series.”

Cover B by Martin Simmonds

Worm added:

“When Steve came up with the idea of Brynmore, I was sure it would be fun. The history of the island, with its ancestral magical heritage having a direct impact on the story taking place centuries later, was really exciting for me. I also loved watching the characters fight against ancient monsters and personal demons at the same time. Very dark, gritty, atmospheric stuff.”

Brynmore #1 will feature covers by series artist Damien Worm, Francesco Francavilla, and a retailer incentive cover by Martin Simmonds.

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