Marvel Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month With In-Hyuk Lee Variants And Special Back-Up Stories

by Tony Thornley

This Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Marvel celebrates its diverse Asian characters with a series of awesome new covers from In-Hyuk Lee and new back-up stories in the publisher’s biggest titles this May.

After the success of the variant covers last year, adding back-up stories is a natural step. Marvel’s pantheon is full of incredible Asian, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander characters. Teaming some of those rising stars with Marvel’s biggest heroes means it’ll be even more worth picking up. They’ll be featured in Daredevil #11, Doctor Strange #3, Ghost Rider #14 and Wolverine #33.

The back-up stories include:

·       DAREDEVIL #11’s AAPI HERITAGE MONTH STORY will be written by Jason Loo and drawn by Lynne Yoshii. Before becoming the new Iron Fist, Lin Lie’s legendary Sword of Fu Xi was shattered! Now, Daredevil and Iron Fist find themselves face-to-face against a pair of water demons who’ve come to claim the shards of the sword that are embedded in Lie Lie’s body and soul!

·       DOCTOR STRANGE #3’s AAPI HERITAGE MONTH STORY will be written by Amy Chu and drawn by Tokitokoro. Readers have seen Nico Minoru’s mystical skills grow in recent titles like Strange Academy and Midnight Suns. Now, flashback to her days as a teenage runaway and witness her first meeting with her future ally and mentor, Doctor Strange.

·       GHOST RIDER #14’s AAPI HERITAGE MONTH STORY will be written by Jon Tsuei and drawn by Tadam Gyadu. Fresh off his thrilling adventures in Tiger Divison, Taegukgi, South Korea’s greatest super hero, comes to California to investigate a series of mysterious and supernatural deaths that have ties to his past. When a ghostly threat emerges, he’ll have to team up with Ghost Rider to take it down! 

·       WOLVERINE #33’s AAPI HERITAGE MONTH STORY will be written by award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang, known for his acclaimed work on Shang-Chi, and drawn by Peter Nguyen. Yang will revisit his recent contribution to Shang-Chi’s legacy, Sister Dagger. Shang-Chi’s fierce younger sister is after a mysterious creature terrorizing the streets of Paris…and so is Wolverine! Witness their daggers and claws cross paths as two of Marvel’s deadliest fighters do what they do best!

Check out the covers now and be sure to pick up these four issues in May.

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