Dark Horse Books Announces ‘Under Kingdom’ For April 2023

by Tito W. James

After the sudden disappearance of his mom, high school freshman Shay is thrust into a secret world of monsters that exists underneath his small West-Virginian town of Humble Valley. With the help of his shapeshifting aunt Sa’Belle, he must search for his mother while doing what he can to safeguard the citizens of the ‘Under Kingdom’ and try to maintain his normal high school life. If that wasn’t enough, Shay is a strict pacifist in a world that is demanding he go to war to protect it.

Under Kingdom is a LGBTQ-friendly YA fantasy graphic novel written by Christof Bogacs (Earth to Chris Cleevy!, VOLUME) with art by Marie Enger (Where Black Stars Rise, Rocko’s Modern Life). The creative team will be attending C2E2 (Mar. 31 – Apr. 2) in Chicago, IL, Artist Alley booth # Y-18 with copies of Under Kingdom. Bogacs and Enger will also be participating in the panel, My Favourite Monsters: Cryptids in Fiction, Sat. Apr. 1, 6:30 – 7:30PM in Room #S403-B.

“I felt like I’ve been working, and could continue to work, with Marie forever,” said Christof Bogacs. “Their work is absolutely undeniable and every panel explodes with personality. Half the time they would shoot me a completed character design with a name and I would just work it into the script! We hope readers come away from Under Kingdom realizing the power of kindness. It’s not naive to try and see the best in people, look out for others and find non-violent solutions to problems. It’s our only way forward.”

“The whole process has been yes, and how about THIS TOO?!” said Marie Enger. “From start to finish, we had a blast, and I think it shows. Moldin’ the minds of the youth today is serious business – and even though we packed the book with fart jokes and fun times, I hope that the folks who read this (alone and together) are inspired towards active empathy and understanding in their own lives! …And to draw lots and LOTS of fanart!”

Under Kingdom is now available for preorder and will hit comic shops April 5th.

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