Top Cow Launches New Climate Horror Series ‘Haunt You To The End’

by Olly MacNamee

 Top Cow Productions, Inc., writer Ryan Cady (BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS, GREEN LANTERN) and artist Andrea Mutti (BATMAN ETERNAL, PORT OF EARTH) have developed a new sci-fi, horror series Haunt You To The End, which debuts this June.

Writer Ryan Cady says of this new project and working with Mutti:

“Andrea Mutti and I have been dying to work together again for a few years now, and when this idea popped into my head, everything was already in his style: moody, washed out watercolors and appropriately dreary scenes of doom and gloom.”

Artist Andrea Mutti added:

I knew immediately that I wanted to contrast the warm and cold colors on the same page to reflect Ryan’s dynamic world. There is action, suspense, horror and evocative and extremely visual and powerful environments and characters!”

Here’s more on this book described as A Day After Tomorrow meets The Haunting of Hill House:

“Readers will go on an expedition with a motley crew of characters, from a tech billionaire, a catholic priest, a Sarah Connor-like military contractor turned explorer, uniformed military contractors, and one washed up journalist, to prove that there is life after death. But together, the reader will discover with the characters that there are deeper horrors.”

Haunt You To The End #1 Cover A – Andrea Mutti and Cover B – Maika Sozo will be in out on June 14th, 2023 in print and digitally from Top Cow.

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