Titan Comics Preview ‘Astroneer Countdown’ Video Game Tie-In Graphic Novel

by Olly MacNamee
Written by Dave Dwonch, David Pepose, Jeremy Lawson, M. Goodwin
Art by Xenia Pamfil, Jeremy Lawson, Eryk Donovan, M. Goodwin

“For fans of the hugely successful Astroneer videogame, comes an all-new, all-ages adventure set in developer System Era’s universe! Inside each graphic novel, readers can redeem a unique, exclusive cosmetic game code!

When bored Astroneer Seven plucks a mysterious crystal from the planet Boreas, he is catapulted across time and space! By taking the crystal, the very fabric of the planet starts to unravel, threatening to start a chain reaction that could destroy the entire universe!
Now, Seven and his ragtag crew of Astroneers must get the crystal back to Boreas before it’s too late!”

Astroneer Countdown graphic novel is out Wednesday 29th March from Titan Comics

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