Art For Art’s Sake # 201 – The Batman 75 Hero Initiative Project…

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – comic art gathered weekly and delivered to your eyeballs. This week, all of it finishing with the Batman 75 Hero Initiative Project…

But we’ll start with an absolute master… Katsuhiro Otomo – Akira

Master of the Flying Guillotine poster – Denys Cowan art, Bill Sienkiewicz inks

And speaking of Bill Sienkiewicz… a little Moon Knight & Batman teasing…

Nicely responded to by Neal Adams

Three Lone Wolf & Cub tribute pieces now… starting with Eduardo Risso

Andrew Robinson

Daniel Warren Johnson

Magneto by Jack Kirby

Two Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird Turtles…

Storm by Steve Lieber

And another Storm, this time by Michel Fiffe

Magneto again, this time by Steve Rude

Simon BisleyKilladelphia #18 cover


And to end with this week… a little collection from the Batman 75 celebration back in 2020 – raising money for Hero Initiative… find more here

Art Adams

Charlie Adlard

Kristen Allen

Jill Thompson

Fred Hembeck

Alan Davis… heroes…

… and Alan Davis villains

Kaare Andrews

Mark Badger

Jeffrey Brown

Phil Hester

Karl Kesel

Dan Jurgens

Bill Morrison

Chris Moreno

Rick Leonardi

Cat Farris

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