WonderCon 2023: Jakks Pacific Shows Spring Line Of Toys For Sonic The Hedgehog And More

by Gary Catig

At WonderCon 2023, toy company Jakks Pacific co-hosted a panel with costume design company Disguise. During the presentation, the audience learned about their current and upcoming products related to different properties in pop culture. Early on, Disguise shared adult sized costumes of Bandit and Chili from Bluey. Also, because the movie is set to release in a few weeks, Jakks Pacific reminded people of their recently released Super Mario Brothers toys; both related to the video game and the film.

Another big focus of reveals involved Mario’s one time rival, Sonic the Hedgehog. The announcements didn’t go to far into the future because the people at Jakks Pacific are waiting for SDCC to show what’s coming in the Fall and beyond. Regardless, there are plenty of toys fans can get excited about. First, there are three waves of their Sonic 2.5″ articulated figures line. Wave 13 will have a Rouge for the first time at this particular scale.

Similarly this spring, we can expect three waves for the 4″ articulated figures. There are some exciting choices here from Big the Cat to Jet to Infinite.

There will also be a Target exclusive Team Sonic three pack. Look how shiny they are.

If you like cute little plushes, Wave 8 is arriving soon.

Then for their more detailed and higher end collector edition figures, Tails will be coming soon. He comes with a number of accessories including different eyes, mouths, and hands.

Finally from the Sonic toys, there will be one wave of the Team Sonic 1:64 die cast vehicles released later this spring. This will be the first time Vector is available in a car. Coming this fall will be another wave featuring Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Silver.

In non-Sonic news, Jakks Pacific showed four selections from a new line of Shelf Talkers. Each one is an iconic cinematic comedic character such as McLovin, the Dude, Bluto and Andy Stitzer. They all have plush bodies and sculpted heads. When you pull a string, they can say between 14-16 different lines from their respective films.

The last set of reveals from the panel involved the Apex Legends toys. Series 7 of the 6″ action figures will be released later this spring as well as the 6″ Emperor Nessie.

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