A Transition Toward The Finale In ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 2, Episode 14

by Frank Martin

While last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch felt like filler, this week’s installment felt more like a transition. So far, episodes have usually focused on one group or another. For instance, if an episode focused on Crosshair (Dee Bradley Baker), the other members of the Bad Batch were not included. This week broke that trend as it is beginning to tie different storylines together. While this episode itself might have suffered from a slower pace because of that, it feels a lot like a chess board. The show is moving all of its characters in place for a grand finale that’s coming up.

The Empire continues to crack down on more and more on insubordinate clone troopers. However, the other clones aren’t going to take this lightly. Echo (also Baker) mounts an attack on an Imperial transport ship to free some clones. Afterwards, he meets up with the Bad Batch on Pabu so that Tech (Baker, once again) can help them learn more about what the Empire is doing to the clones. Meanwhile, Crosshair is being tortured in order to give up the Bad Batch’s location. After receiving a warning from their wayward brother, the Bad Batch questions whether or not Crosshair is merely setting up another trap.

His ultimate fate on the show has been teased for a while. It appears as if he will be rejoining the Bad Batch as the season is headed towards a rescue for him. Then, the next season will most likely deal with how he, somehow, becomes reintegrated in the group after having previously betrayed them. Of course, that’s all speculation, but that’s the great thing about this show. Even though the fate of the larger Star Wars universe is set in stone, the fate of these individual characters is still up in the air, which makes the show some of the most compelling that Star Wars has to offer.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch streams Wednesdays on Disney+.

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