TV Review: ‘Gotham Knights’ Season 1, Episode 2

by Frank Martin

Two episodes in and Gotham Knights is already starting to show its weaknesses. Right from the start, the program is facing an uphill battle with the two things that make a superhero show successful. It has to have action and an interesting take on the source material and its mythology. Gotham Knights struggles on both of these fronts as it primarily focuses on teens and is adapting characters that have already been adapted many times before. It’s definitely trying to put a new spin on the mythology, but it may just be deviating too far as the kids might not be up to the challenge for the action that’s needed.

As the group of fugitives plans to clear their names, they realize they have to break into Wayne Tower to secure Bruce Wayne’s private journals. Turner (Oscar Morgan) and Carrie (Navia Robinson) go in while the others wait in the garage. While they’re in there, Talon arrives and attacks them. Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan) takes off to save herself. She also tries to sell the Court of Owls watch, but in doing so makes herself a target. Talon attacks her next, causing the others to come to her rescue.

Overall, this second episode reeks of mediocrity. It moves the plot along a little bit and has some interesting action. Plus, seeing a live action version of Talon was a treat, even if his costume was a little lacking. At the same time, the superhero nature of the show is almost non-existent. By contrast, Gotham had tons of different villains from the comic books showing up. This current series downplays a lot of those elements as it is, essentially, a CW teenage drama taking place in Gotham City. It doesn’t have to embrace the mythology altogether, but it definitely needs to lean more into its sci-fi and fantasy elements if it’s to captivate a tired Batman audience.

Gotham Knights airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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