Advance Review: `Something Is Killing The Children’ #30 Remains Stuck In Neutral

by Tom Smithyman

From its first issue, Something is Killing the Children has captured the imaginations of comics and horror fans around the world. The story of Erica Slaughter’s quest to destroy monsters created by children’s fears has been nothing short of captivating.

Lately, though, this once-stellar series has slowed down to the point of practically going backwards. Writer James Tynion IV is determined to tell the latest Slaughter adventure at his own pace – but that pace is filled with bloat and runs the risk of losing his loyal readership.

That’s not to say that this latest story arc isn’t interesting. It’s actually well put together, at least in concept. Slaughter is in the appropriately named Tribulation, New Mexico, to investigate yet another monster who has slayed the family of young Gabi. This particular monster is one of the most difficult to slay as it can take on the form of others. It’s already given Slaughter a run for her money. Meanwhile, Charlotte Cutter, a hunter from another house, has been assigned to kill the renegade Slaughter.

There’s plenty of drama, intrigue and gamesmanship. But the story is just not moving forward. After 10 issues, it feels like we’re not much further than we were at issue #20. To make matters worse, the creative team is taking a break after this chapter, so the story will remain in limbo for a time.

Fortunately, readers continue to be delighted by Werther Dell’Edera’s unique artwork, with colors by Miquel Muerto. He has created a memorable visual style for the series, and no one will ever truly duplicate his version of Slaughter, with her oversized eyes that pierce through souls. But as with several of the issues in this arc, we’ve barely been treated to the monsters – the non-human ones anyway – that we buy the book to encounter. Drawing those creatures is where Dell’Edera really shines.

The creative team needs to use this time off to sharpen their narrative skills and bring this arc to conclusion. If necessary, take some more time and then create a tight follow up that reminds readers why they fell in love with this series in the first place.

Something is Killing the Children #30 will be available for purchase tomorrow.


With no conclusion to this story arc in sight after 10 slow issues, readers’ patience must be wearing thin. This once-great series needs to pick up the pace to remind its audience why they have to book up this book each month.

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