First Look: ‘In Hell We Fight’ #1 Featuring Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘The Last Judgment’ As An Incentive Cover

by Olly MacNamee

15th/16th Century Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch makes his Image Comics’ debut with In Hell We Fight #1 whose 1482 surrealist masterwork ‘The Last Judgment’ will be featured as an incentive jam cover with regular series artist Jok. In Hell We Fight is the newest series from writer John Layman (Chew, Chu). 

Here’s more about the series:

“An infernal adventure about three condemned kids who rescued a kidnapped angel and start an epic trek across the netherworld to return the angel to heaven, In Hell We Fight is written and lettered by multiple Eisner-award winner John Layman (Chew, Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum, Charlie’s Angels) with art by Argentinian superstar artist Jok, making his Image Comics debut with this exciting new series.”

And, here’s Layman on his excitemnet with working with the long-dead artist:

“I’ve been very fortunate that a spectacular assortment of fantastically talented artists have graced the covers of my books over the years. And that includes Christian Ward, Dustin Nguyen, and Ben Templesmith on the first three issues of In Hell We Fight. But I’ve never been more thrilled than to work with one of my all-time favorite Dutch Renaissance painters, and I’m equally sure that if Bosch was alive today, he’d be equally ecstatic to be featured on the cover of the first issue of my new Image series.”

And, through the power of imagination, here’s what Layman imagines Bosch would have said:

“I love this book! And nothing is more exciting to me than creating this painting solely for the purpose of being used as an incentive comic book cover. There is no better book to spotlight my fantastic, weird, and disturbing artwork than this terrific new comic book by Layman and Jok.

“If comic books existed in Brabant, Netherlands during the Middle Ages, I have no doubt this would have my favorite comic book EVER. It’s nonstop fun, action and weirdness, with loads of heart. Layman and Jok have a real winner on their hands. If I hadn’t died a half a millennium ago, I’d rush directly to my nearest comic book store and preorder the HELL out of this sucker!”

Now, as I seemed to have missed out on the original announcement (I’ll admit, I was in the pub when the story broke Friday night, so apologies, John and Jok), here’s a first look at the series’ first issue:

In Hell We Fight #1 by Jok & Bosch 1:20 copy incentive will be out on Wednesday, June 7th.

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