Advance Preview: ‘Robo-Hunter: Planet Of The Robots’ Coming In September – Classic Wagner & Gibson 2000 AD!

by Richard Bruton

The classic Robo-Hunter work of John Wagner and Ian Gibson comes out in colour this September.


Advance notice now of another bit of classic 2000 AD getting a nice re-release. Rebellion/2000 AD are putting out the classic Robo-Hunter tales by Wagner, Gibson, and José Ferrer in September 2023.

If you didn’t already know, Robo-Hunter starred Sam Slade, a human bounty hunter specialising in tracking down rogue robots, missing meks, and crazy cyborgs. Complete with his dumb-as-nails understudy Hoagy and his robotic cigar Stogie, his comedy-action adventures began in 1978 in 2000 AD Prog 76.

Planet of the Robots collects the first Robo-Hunter tales from co-creators Wagner and Ferrer – who was replaced early on by the great Ian Gibson. This will be a full-colour version of the earliest Sam Slade adventures using the coloured versions of the strip from the much-loved Eagle Comics versions of the early ’80s.

Here’s the 2000 AD PR followed by a little preview…


For forty years Sam Slade has been one of the best robo-tectives in the business, but all of his experience couldn’t prepare him for his latest case. In 2080 overpopulation of the Earth led the Space Commission into seeking out new planets to colonise. Four years later they discovered Verdus, a suitable planet in the Crab Nebula. Now, Colonists who sent there have not been heard from again. The Commission believe that robots have taken control of the planet and want Sam to uncover the truth. It’s a dangerous case, but one Sam can’t refuse – otherwise he’s guaranteed a bullet in the head!

This classic 2000 AD strip is presented in full colour as it was when collected by Eagle Comics as a five-issue mini-series.”

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