Scout Comics Announces ‘Death Drop: Drag Assassin’ For Summer

by Brendan M. Allen

It’s a beautiful day in the GAYBORHOOD! 

Scout Comics has announced Death Drop: Drag Assassin, coming soon from writer David Hazan, artist Alex Moore, and letterer Lucas Gattoni. In this all-new killer crime-noir/thriller series from Scout Comics, it’s a race against time to find a missing drag sister. 

Death Drop uses her skills to pick up the scent of the missing Lunaira Sun, at the insistence of their drag mother, Mother Henny.  What she finds is a trail of corpses robbed of their faces, a leather-clad killer hell-bent on revenge, and an enigmatic and terrifying queen from Mother Henny’s past. To make matters worse, Death Drop can’t shake the feeling that the specter of the assassin mentor she exposed and left for dead years ago is now haunting her every step.

The search for a connection between these events will take Death Drop from Mother Henny’s Club, Posterior Delusions, through the streets and back-alleys of the gayborhood, to the world beyond. As her past and present collide in a deadly confrontation, Death Drop will be forced to grapple with the idea that escaping from your past and overcoming it are two very different things…

“It has been a years-long labor of love to bring to the page the kind of queer comics I always wanted to read,” said Hazan. “This is a story by queer people, aimed at the struggles queer people face today. Alex brought that to life in a way that only they could, pairing a campy, colorful neo-noir aesthetic perfectly with pulse-pounding action and the book’s dark themes. It’s uniquely gratifying to bring a story like this to life, highlighting the healing power of drag at a time when the artform is firmly fixed in the public consciousness.”

“Death Drop: Drag Assassin has been an utter dream of a project to work on,” added Moore. “Between the charismatic cast of characters, twisting plot and gritty action (not to mention a touch of horror to boot), it’s been a privilege and a pleasure working with David on this queer crime-noir and I’m incredibly grateful they gave me the opportunity to have my debut as an interior artist on this book. It’s s more than just genre though; The story squarely takes on so many issues impacting the LGBTQI+ community that, sadly, feel increasingly relevant and it’s been an honor to be part of a defiant stand against them.”

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