Kickstarting Comics: ‘The Comic Writer’s Journal’ – Jon Lock’s Tool To Help COmic Writers Of All Skill Levels

by Richard Bruton

Funding right now on Kickstarter, Jon Locks The Comic Writer’s Journal – could it be just what you need to get writing comics?


And now for something completely different (bang-up-to-date cultural references my speciality), as Jon Lock brings his Comic Writer’s Journal to Kickstarter in a campaign that launched on 28 March.

Created by a writer, for writers, the Comic Writer’s Journal draws upon over 10 years’ experience of creating comics to provide a simple, effective method for telling amazing, well-structured stories.

As Lock puts it, the idea is to make “a customisable journal designed to help comic writers of all skill levels, from beginner to industry professional, bring their stories to life.”

Providing a simple framework to bring your story, whatever it is, to life, the Comic Writer’s Journal has been designed to help writers plan and organise their comic ideas before starting the script, leaving you free to focus purely on storytelling.


With a series of customisable templates and examples, the Comic Writer’s Journal guides you through completing a summary, overview, and page plan of your comic, helping you to keep track of everything that’s happening on every page. There’s also templates to track characters and plan panels and scenes.

Yep, a journal tool for comic writers of all levels made by a great comics writer – this could be something you’re going to want to take a look at.


Jon Lock’s name should be familiar to you as the creator of the fabulous Afterlife Inc., something I featured here when it ran on Kickstarter for its collected omnibus editions.

Lock’s also co-founder of Big Punch Studios, the team the card game Sandwich Masters and he’s been a writer for video games, including the upcoming Toxic Crusaders from Retroware, based on Troma’s Toxic Avenger, Spectacular Sparky for Nicalis; and The Lego Batman Movie browser game from Lego and Mind Orchard.



The Comic Writer’s Journal launched on Kickstarter on 28th March 2023.

You can find out more information on it here at Lock’s website and in his YouTube video walk-through

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