Tony Fleecs And Tim Seeley’s ‘Local Man’ #2 Gets A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

First we heard Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley’s Local Man #1 was getting a second printing, and now the second issue is too. And out on April Wednesday, April 26th, along with the third issue from Image Comics.

“Once the star recruit of the media sensation super-team “Third Gen,” Jack Xaver has become the prime suspect in the murder of his archenemy, The Hodag! Now, Jack must clear his own name in a town that hates him, even as he’s followed by a persistent security drone primed to obliterate him if he steps out of line! Each issue is a classic Image Comics Flip Book with a lead story drawn by Fleecs and a superhero flashback into the depths of the Image Universe drawn by Seeley.”

Here’s what the twi co-creators had to say about this second success:

“We promise we’re just getting started. Issues #3 and #4 are among the best things either Tony and I have ever done. I never brag. BUT I’M BRAGGING HERE! Order away!” – Tim Seeley

“Overwhelmed. So grateful for all of the people who are buying this book. Tim and I are making Local Man from as pure a place as I’ve ever made anything from. Like—we’re making this comic just for us. Very happy that so many other people are digging it too.” – Tony Fleecs

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