Advance Preview: Up And Away Into A World Of Trouble In ‘Surfer’ From John Wagner And Colin MacNeil

by Richard Bruton

A brand-new thriller in the world of Dredd from two of 2000 AD‘s greatest – it’s a skysurfing spectacular in Surfer collected in August.

(Brand-new collection, brand-new cover by SK Moore!)

Another announcement of a book to look forward to for later in the year, as 2000 AD announces the release of Surfer, the brand-new Dreddworld series that took to the skies across two series recently in the Judge Dredd Megazine.

Created by John Wagner and Colin MacNeil, Surfer followed a supremely talented young skysurfer Zane Perks who thinks he’s finally getting his life together.

He’s meant to be playing the lead role in a new film to recreate the legendary events of Supersurf 7 – you know the one, the illegal powerboard competition held on and above the streets of Mega-City One where a young Marlon Shakespeare, Chopper, became a legend of his city.


Trouble is, poor old Zane doesn’t have the best of luck and this is no exception. He’s double-crossed by the filmmakers and arrested by the Judges – and that’s just the start of his troubles here in Surfer.

Obviously, Wagner and MacNeil have got a pretty fine history in the world of Judge Dredd, not to mention the world of skysurfing – just consider America and Chopper: Song of the Surfer, two absolutely iconic works. But here in Surfer, they introduce a completely new character to tie in to years of MC-1 history and make his own mark on the city.


Written by John Wagner

Art by Colin MacNeil

Published by 2000 AD on 17th August 2023

And now, a little preview for you… more coming nearer the time of release…

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