Preview: James Kochalka’s Wonderful ‘Glork Patrol And The Magic Robot’

by Richard Bruton

A magical adventure for 4-8-year-olds, full of Jame Kochalka‘s fabulously silly aliens and monsters, it’s back to Glork Patrol for the third time!


I’ve loved reading James Kochalka’s work from back in the earliest days of his American Elf comics, the diary comics that he made for more than 14 years from 1998 to 2012.

But he’s really found his perfect storytelling form as a maker of kid’s comics and a perfect home for his comics at Top Shelf Productions. The three series there, Johnny Boo, Dragon Puncher, and Glork Patrol are just perfect fun for kids – but don’t be surprised if you find yourself really getting into the simply ridiculously wonderful works!


It’s bright, colourful, silly, award-winning stuff – and the third book of Glork Patrol is out right now – 40 pages of hardback wonder as the Glork Patrol meets a tiny new friend and a huge new enemy!

“A mysterious package arrives with a tiny robot inside, named Glorkbot. Say hello to the newest member of the Glork Patrol! But when Gonk and Baby Quackaboodle quickly deplete its batteries by making it do too many funny dance moves, there’s only one entity they can turn to for help: the giant floating head known throughout the galaxy as the Magic Robot. Will the Magic Robot heed their plea for help… or blast them with his laser eyes? This action-packed laugh-fest from Eisner award-winner James Kochalka is the goofiest sci-fi comic in the entire universe!”


Glork Patrol (Book Three): Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot by James Kochalka

Published by Top Shelf Productions and out right now!

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