‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #26 Gets A Variant Cover By Pepe Larraz

by Brendan M. Allen

It’s the most shocking issue ofAmazing Spider-Man in fifty years, and fans will have a chance to grab it with covers by some of the industry’s hottest artists. Now Pepe Larraz’ variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #26 has been revealed. This breathtaking piece of Peter Parker swinging high above the city is the perfect companion to what promises to be a groundbreaking issue. The issue will be a key turning point in Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s run and promises to send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe.

With the secret of what Peter did finally revealed, the Emissary has returned with power far beyond Spider-Man’s abilities. The heroes may figure out a way to win, but the cost of victory will be so immense that you may hope they don’t…

Check out the cover now and be sure to check with your local comic shop regarding availability.

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