Art From Art’s Sake #202: Strange Days Of Dark Garfield

by Richard Bruton

More Art For Art’s Sake – where I gather up the great artwork all over the Internet, just for you!

Something fascinating from Colleen Doran now… “an early A DISTANT SOIL painting of Sir Galahad with the Red Dragon from Jeff Smith’s BONE.”

John McCrea posted this in commemoration of Steve Ditko – “I was asked to reimagine a Ditko Spidey page and chose this one due to the top right panel being my favourite Spidey drawing ever!”

The great Marie Severin – self-portrait…

Michael Golden – classic Marvel ad…

Zoe Thorogood – a beautiful cover that’s managed to piss off some sensitive soul online obviously, “people crying at you for drawing gay characters in the year 2022 is so pathetic like get a grip – this is over this cover I drew, imagine being so sensitive that this image provokes strong negative feelings lmao how do you go outside,'”oh yes, people will never cease to be morons.

And while we’re on about ridiculous kafuffles from idiot people… the whole Velma thing that kicked off a while back and the morons that came out the woodwork… Elise reposts this…

Shannon Tindle – E.T. model sheets – and why not?

Classic Nancy By Ernie Bushmiller,1950

Some great Doctors from El

Sebastian Piriz

Marguerite Sauvage – Archie 1941

Bo Hampton – wonderful new commission

Michel Fiffe – Hela

Richard Corben – Hellboy

Bill Sienkiewicz – Joker… wonderfully loose…

Boo Cook – from Elephantman

Lee Garbett:

Scarlet Witch vs The Planet of the Apes (obviously). My Scarlet Witch #2 variant cover. I had fun with this.

Steve Mannion – Fearless Dawn meets Hellboy online advertisement art

Brendan McCarthy – Paradax in Strange Days from way, way back in 1984…

And also from Strange Days, the much-missed Brett Ewins with Johnny Nemo


Proof that even Garfield can be interesting sometimes… back in 1989, as a Halloween special that Jim Davis wanted to be genuinely scary, he told a tale of Garfield waking up to discover that he was actually a starving cat in an empty house, with John and Odie just hallucinations. The storyline ended with Garfield taking the decision to reject the real for the imaginary and have everything return to the normal of the everyday strip…

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