Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

A selection of the more popular posts from the past week here on, with quite a few from last weekend’s WonderCon comic con. Enjoy!

  1. WonderCon news first up. And, quite a lot of DC Comics revelations were unveiled last weekend. There was the new Wonder Woman series properly announced with a first look here.
  2. Then there was the new Green Lantern series previewed too. Check that out here.
  3. A new The Brave and the Bold series was also announced. Because DC Comics just can’t have enough Batman featured comics, it would seem.
  4. We also got some Sonic the Hedgehog toy news coming out of WonderCon, courtesy of roving reporter Gary Catig (here).
  5. Gary also covered the WonderCon IDW panel here too.
  6. Finally from WonderCon we get The Walking Dead: Dead City panel, also covered by Gary, can be read here.
  7. Moving away from WonderCon we got to see Alex Ross’s covers celebrating both the X-Men and The Avengers 60th anniversary here.
  8. Tony Thornley posted news on the latest Spider-Man big summer event, Summer of Symbiotes. Read up on the finer details here.
  9. Our regular 2000 AD expert, Richard Bruton, posted news about Ian Gibson’s Lifeboat, soon to be released by UK indie publisher, the77.
  10. Finally, for this week, last week’s Review Round Up. Check that out here.

And, before you go, why not check out our little something extra, this CGI Superman animated short, Superman Awakens, by Antonis & Staros Fylladitis:

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