Early Look: Thousands Of Souls On The Chopping Block In ‘Exorcists Never Die’ #3

by Brendan M. Allen

Mad Cave Studios has revealed an early look at Exorcists Never Die #3, dropping June 28, 2023 from writer Steve Orlando, artist Sebastian Píriz, and letterer Carlos M. Mangual.


“For Syd Miller and Ellen Blair, every victory on the way down through the Hellscraper is the kickoff of the next fight! Having barely lived through their battle with Lust, Syd and Ellen have racked up another win. Unfortunately, that makes them easy prey for the next demonic sin in waiting: Gluttony. After all, what’s tastier than glory, and who could possibly ever get enough of it? 

Thousands of souls wait for the chopping block many floors below, but if Syd and Ellen can’t exorcise Gluttony, they’ll never reach the bottom of the Hellscraper for the save. Unfortunately, the odds don’t look good. Syd’s gloryhogging already killed his relationship with Ellen years ago, and now it might just get both of them killed! Can the man who’s never sacrificed a day in his life do so in time to survive?”

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