Euro Preview: The Amerika Bomber Flies In ‘Bear’s Tooth Volume 4’

by Richard Bruton

More great Euro comics here from Cinebook coming out in May. In Bear’s Tooth Volume 4, the fate of the world and the fate of childhood friendships come together in the ruins of WWII Germany.

Over the last three volumes of Bear’s Tooth we’ve followed the lives of three children – Max the Polish Jew, Werner and Hanna both German. They all dreamed of becoming pilots and experiencing the exhilaration of flight. But when the world is torn apart by WWII the fates take them in very different directions.

Here in Volume 4, it’s now early May 1945 and the Third Reich is living its final days. Hitler has committed suicide, the Luftwaffe is destroyed, the end of the war approaches as fast as the Allied troops march on Berlin.

But even in the wreckage, there are still madmen with plans of world devastation to be accomplished by the last secret weapon of the SS, the Silbervogel. Although Allied bombers have managed to destroy the secret base and the prototype flying wing that housed the Amerika Bomber project, there’s a second prototype and the operation is still alive. The operation to destroy New York is still active.


As well as the ruins of Germany, the war has destroyed the friendship of those three young children, now young adults all on very different paths, leading to very different paths. After the tragic fate of Max, Hanna and Werner are on a collision course with each other and with history. Hanna, as Germany’s best test pilot, is on her own mission, determined to fulfil the Führer’s final wish, to lay waste to New York City. Meanwhile, Werner, sickened by Nazism and now working with the OSS, has his own mission – eliminate Flugkapitan Reitsch, his old friend Hanna.


As the story unfolds, with Hanna and Werner traveling to the secret base, struggling with their friendship, their attraction, and their missions, the Nazi forces assemble and plan and plot. Meanwhile, in US and Russian high commands, the operation to spirit away the best Nazi scientists begins to take shape.

Bear’s Tooth is a thriller, but a very European thriller. The action builds slowly, the characters are all fully fleshed out, the stakes are as high as they can get. But the absolute best thing about the series comes with the artwork of Henriet, just staggering in its detail and its beauty, regardless of the horrors of the subjects.



Bear’s Tooth 4 – Amerika Bomber

Script by Yann, artwork by Alain Henriet, colours by Usagi. Translated by Jerome Saincantin.

Originally published in 2016 by Dupuis. Published on 18th May 2023 by Cinebook.

Now… preview time…

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