Review: ‘Ordinary Gods’ #12 Leaves Loose Ends

by Benjamin Hall


The Ordinary Gods face an end. Also facing ends are two worlds. Yet, does the activation of the God Machine truly represent doomsday? If not then what are the ends that the worlds and gods face?


Editor/designer Michael Busuttil, production artist Rich Fowlks, and logo designer Rich Bloom provide nothing of relevance to critique. This is due to how they create essentially the same level and type of work that is in most of the series.

Ordinary Gods #12 (2023) cover art by Daniel HDR and colors by Frank William.

The cover and interior visuals are by artist Daniel HDR and colorist Frank William. Although some might enjoy the wraparound cover for how complex the design is others may not. This difference in opinion will probably come down to how one feels about obvious referencing. In this case HDR is overtly referencing the 1953 lithograph print ‘Relativity’ by artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. Unfortunately, HDR does not make enough changes to the design to make it feel fresh. Yes, HDR changes a few things with machinery in the style of artist Jack Kirby, and William adds ethereal hues, but this does not seem enough. Thus, while HDR and William get to show off a high quality execution the lack of originality is divisive.

The interior art and colors are mostly what one sees on the cover. Meaning that the majority of the visuals are just higher quality variations of the cover.

Writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark create some believable dialogue. Yet, certain scenes and bits of narration are debatable when it comes to whether they are necessary. For example the opening narration lacks purpose to those who have been reading the series from the start. Yes, there are some interesting elements in the opening, but it arguably does not service the story well. Not to mention that there are some moments of obvious information dumping to explain things last minute. Last, but not least, too much is left hanging by the end of this final issue.

Letterer Clayton Cowles does a fine job assisting the visual pacing via placements of the text. Though the extreme thinness of the font may be off-putting for certain readers.

Ordinary Gods #12 is out now from Image Comics.

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