Umbrella Academy Revisited, Including Some Predictions

by Tito W. James

Umbrella Academy is making a comeback, returning to comic book shops with Hotel Oblivion and making its live action debut with a Netflix series. I re-read the original series to see how it held up and where these characters could go in the future.

Umbrella Academy is like X-Men in the style of Doctor Who. Seven orphans with unorthodox superpowers are under the care of a mysterious figure called the Monocle. Together, they protect  humanity from bizarre otherworldly threats, including animated national monuments, time-traveling spies, and themselves.

Umbrella Academy is less about the story and more about the way it’s told. That’s not to say it’s all style and no substance. The super-powered orphans of Umbrella Academy have iconic character designs and interpersonal relations that act as an anchor in this weird series. It’s better to read volumes 1 and 2 in order and as a complete story.

After re-reading the first two volumes, I can understand why it struck a chord with audiences. Umbrella Academy is funny, dark, emotional, and bizarre. There are plenty of unsolved mysteries left to explore. Here are some of my speculations for the next chapter.

The Return Of The White Violin

The White Violin aka Vanya, served as the member of the team who went bad in volume 1. Vanya was last seen in volume 2 recuperating from a gunshot wound to the head. I am eager to see Vanya’s return because she’s easily one of the most iconic characters of the group and honestly, I can’t imagine Umbrella Academy without her.

What Does Hargreeves’ Monocle Do?

Number 5 (seen above) is in possession of a monocle belonging to the characters’ adopted father Hargreeves. The monocle has displayed the ability to show a person’s true character and history. How will this power be used and abused has yet to be seen.

Who Killed The Horror?

The Horror is the member of the team with the ability to summon tentacles and possibly other horrors from his chest. He’s a very cool character with too little page time. All we know is that the team blames Spaceboy for the Horror’s death. The story of who The Horror was and how he died remains to be told.

Is John-boy Perseus the new villain?

First appearing in volume 2, all we know about Johnboy is that he runs Perseus Industries and has a vendetta against Kraken and the Vanya for beating him up at a rock concert. He also hates being called Johnboy. This dude has villain written all over him.

Is Dr. Terminus still alive in the Hotel Oblivion?

The characters mentioned two prisons that are never shown. The first is Shinyview Asylum for the criminally insane (sound familiar?), the second is just referred to as The Hotel. Hargreeves said that no one can escape The Hotel, which is where the Academy imprisoned Dr. Terminus. Rumor has history with Dr. Terminus seeing has he kidnapped her as a child and devoured her arm. The Hotel Oblivion may touch upon this decades-long grudge match.

Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion is arriving in the autumn from Dark Horse and Umbrella Academy is currently under development for Netflix.

Tito W. James

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