The X-Men Mourn A Fallen Friend In Marvel’s The Exterminated

by James Ferguson

Spoilers for recent X-Men storylines and Extermination below, folks. There’s a death in the family and this one hits close to home for some. Still with us? OK, here goes.

Cable is dead. The X-Men are reeling from this and the events of Extermination. Cable’s adopted daughter Hope Summers is trying to deal with her loss, but a dark and frightening path is calling to her. Jean Grey may be her only hope for survival in X-Men: The Exterminated.

This one-shot, due out in December, brings writers Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler back to Cable after their run through Marvel Legacy. The book is intended to say good-bye to the time-traveling, fan-favorite mutant. I mean, this is the X-Men we’re talking about, so is it really goodbye? Or more like “See you later”?

That’s not all though. X-Men: The Exterminated will also include a special back-up story celebrating the life of Nathan Summers written by Chris Claremont. It will feature artwork by Neil Edwards and more, plus covers by Geoff Shaw with Antonio Fabela.

Co-writer Lonnie Nadler says:

This issue is our chance to say a proper farewell to Cable, to honor his legacy, and to really see the immense impact the time travelling mutant had on those closest to him. Most importantly, it’s about how the Summers family copes with grief, and the difficulty of forging ahead. The issue is packed with fan favorite X-Men from all different eras, and we’re super excited to be bringing them together, despite the somber occasion.

This one-shot is on my path for getting back into Marvel Comics. I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve read so far and I’m eager to jump into Thompson and Nadler’s stuff in the Marvel Universe. They’ve been a solid team on the indie scene for some time and I’m glad to see them breakthrough with their X-Men work.

X-Men: The Exterminated #1 is set for release in December 2018.

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