“You’re A Regular Mariska Hargitay.” — Let’s Talk About Wynonna Earp Season 3, Episode 10

by Erik Amaya


If the pattern of Wynonna Earp‘s third season continues. Next week’s final two episodes will be killer.

As it seems, the show has relied on a potent mixture of wild ideas, funny scenes and knife-twisting drama to keep the ship afloat this year. That’s not a complaint, mind, as it leads to satisfying and adventurous episodes, like the wicked appearance of Jolene awhile back to this week’s tests of strength which also offered us the truth about Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Julian‘s ring.

This week’s wild ideas include an angelic watcher named Kevin (Anna Silk) who puts Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Waves to one of the tests, a fire witch, who also happens to be a body-stealing teenage girl, who tests Doc’s (Tim Rozon) resolve, and a one handed Revenant infused with uranium radiation who happens to posses the right arm of Bulshar (Jean Marchand). Somehow, the episode contained all of these ideas and still featured time for Jeremy (Varun Saranga) and Robin (Justin Kelly) to have a bit of a lunch date. Oh! And Bobo (Micheal Eklund) revealed his love for seriously avant garde jazz.

Because of course Bobo loves jazz.

Back at SDCC, showrunner Emily Andras promised we would start to get some answers and we finally have some wonderfully specific answers. Let’s start with the big one: Bulshar is the original snake in the grass. That is to say, the Biblical serpent in the Garden of Eden who tempted Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. I’m being specific here because Jeremy mentioned the trees and they could be important next week. For those who may have assumed the serpent was Lucifer, this hasn’t always been the case as the more modern conception of the Devil is a distillation of many traditions. While the snake, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Scratch, Old Nick, and even Samael are all names associated with the original evil, they all were once distinct mythological figures. With Bulshar, we may have an instance where the snake is not the Devil as he is, presumably, ruling in hell.

Next very specific answer: Juan Carlos (Shaun Johnston) and Julian were the angels assigned to guard the gates of Eden. Back in the Bible, God assigned cherubim and a “flaming sword” to protect the Garden from the fallen man. In some traditions, Uriel is one of the angels keeping watch. But beyond the Biblical allusion, learning who Juan Carlos really was rounds out the show nicely. Despite his death last season, he continued to be something of an enigma. The J.C. initials suggested an entirely different Biblical figure all together. Tying him into the current storylines makes sense as he was also one of the people responsible for trapping Bulshar all those years ago. Meanwhile, Bobo’s flashback to Juan Carlos producing a sword and calling it Peacemaker suggests the origin of Wynonna’s gun and a reason why Bulshar needs it to enter the Garden.

Which leads us to the next answer: Waverly can wield the ring because Bulshar stole it from Julian. Sure, I was ready to believe Bobo when he said the ring belong to Waverly’s father, but independent confirmation from Kevin definitely helps. Granted, that certainty comes with a price as Kevin’s mission to seek out Bulshar’s arm was really a test to see if Waverly could use the ring. Since she can use it, she can also sit the Eden throne and protect the Garden from Bulshar. All it will cost her is her life.

More on that in a moment.

Meanwhile, Nicole (Katherine Barrell) and Doc (Tim Rozon) found themselves at the mercy of Maeve, a teenage witch who was burned at the stake 120 years ago at the behest of Bulshar. She was also a confidant of Juan Carlos and the keeper of his journal. Stuck inside the hearth of the Perley Homestead all this time, her mental age is also stuck in adolescence. Desperate to get a new body, she tries to convince Doc to feed on Nicole. Barrell deserves double marks this week for making Maeve so wildly and wonderfully different from Nicole. Every scene at that house was a hoot. Well, not every scene, of course.

As we established earlier, the show has a way of twisting the knife in the last few minutes every episode this year. The week, it was a seemingly blood-starved Doc killing good guy Charlie (Sebastian Pigott). Granted, I’m not particularly attached to Charlie, but feeding on him put Doc back in that irredeemable dog house from a few weeks back. Pardon the pun, but it sucks to see Doc going down this road. Provided it was him, of course. It is possible Maeve figured out a way to hitch a ride inside the vampire. She is a named witch and they typically stick around for a couple of episodes. But more likely, Doc is succumbing to his new nature; which suggests he may end up the main villain when the show returns next year.

And while Rozon would be up to the challenge of playing an evil Doc, it would still be heartbreaking to watch Wynonna have to put him down.

Although, the show likes to put her through the ringer, like in this week’s final Wynnona and Waverly scene, in which the two sisters try to process the sacrifice Waverly may have to make. As Kevin explained it, sitting on Julian’s throne will turn Waves to stone and Wynonna’s giant tears during the scene tell you just how unacceptable she finds this bargain. Of course, some are already suggesting Julian will make a last-moment appearance to take his daughter’s place upon the throne. But considering how this season began with the loss of Dolls (Shamier Anderson), it could end with Wynonna losing everybody.

Okay, that’s too horrible to contemplate, so let’s ask some lingering questions. What the hell is Jeremy? After spending a minute or two possessing him, Maeve left his body and noted he was not “purely human.” There was a suggestion of his supernatural status in season two when he and Doc visited Bulshar’s tomb, but the thread was not been picked up again until now. It might be connected to that accident he mentions from time to time, but hopefully we’ll get a more concrete answer soon. Also, how many resurrections does it take to turn a man like Robert Svane into the incoherent mess Bobo Del Rey has become? He really seems out of his wits and nothing like the man who threatened the Earps in season one or the pious man who helped Wyatt and Juan Carlos seal up Bulshar. Will he be able to collect enough of hits wits together to help the Earps one more time?

We’ll known soon enough as Syfy intends to air the final two episodes of Wynonna Earp‘s third season next week.

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