DeadMau5 Set To Score The Polar Movie

by Tito W. James

Electro DJ legend Deadmau5, will be diving into new territory by composing his first film score for the live-action Polar movie based on the graphic novels by Victor Santos.

The film adaptation pits Polar’s eyepatch-wearing assassin, the Black Kaiser, against an army of younger and faster killers hired by his ex-employer. Black Kaiser will be played by Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) with supporting roles from Vanessa Hudgens (Spring Breakers), Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) and Matt Lucas (Doctor Who)

Look for Polar on Netflix  in 2019.

Tito W. James

Tito W. James is a journalist writing for with a focus is on highlighting high quality independent content. His comics draw heavy influence from hand drawn animation and incorporate action and comedy into various genres.

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