Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.3 Recap: Jake Faces His Past At His High School Reunion

by Gary Catig

Gina and Jake roll into the precinct decked out in hella fresh 90’s gear bellowing their old crew’s name, The DDC, or Dope Denim Crew. Back then, they shared a similar fashion sense with the same clothes, hair style, and earrings. They’re getting into the spirit since their 20-year high school reunion is later that evening. Despite their enthusiasm, Jake has some reservations of seeing his old classmates because he had a reputation of being a snitch. He’s in a better place now with a sweet job and an awesome wife so hopefully he’s moved past all that.

[*Spoilers for 6.3 Ahead!]

As the evening begins, things start off well for Jake. He’s having fun schmoozing with old friends and regaling them with cool police stories but the past comes back to him as everyone brings up his nickname, the Tattler. It seems he hasn’t moved on as the mere mention of the name strikes a nerve. Meanwhile, Gina is having fun messing with people and telling tall tales of her accomplishments. One person in particular, a Silicon Valley investor, is interested in her new app idea, Todddddlr. It’s Tinder for babies that helps select good playdate matches.

Jake is unnerved by his false reputation for loose lips and takes it upon himself to find the real snitch. Along with Amy, the two use their natural detective skills to clear Peralta’s name. They pinpoint the person responsible for the rumor and realize it’s a case of mistaken identity. Since they looked so alike in high school, Gina was actually the snitch back then. When she is finally confronted, she confesses but she only had the best of intentions. She did it to prevent Jake from falling in with the wrong crowd. If he had taken a different path, his life might have turned out poorly.

Initially angry at his best friend, Jake eventually appreciates what Gina did for him. He tries to talk her up to the tech mogul hoping he’ll invest in Todddddlr, but alas, he too is lying to mess with people during the reunion. Though unsuccessful, Gina is actually excited about the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and Jake gives her words of encouragement to pursue her dream, even if it means leaving the Nine-Nine.

Elsewhere, Terry, Hitchcock and Scully are caught up in a radio contest where they guess the sound. They go through a myriad of different materials to figure out the source of the crinkling noise and Holt thinks it’s a waste of time. Pretty soon, the captain is caught up in the hype and is just as excited trying to win the cash prize. They don’t win but Holt comes to have fun with his officers and goofing off for once.

In addition, Diaz starts dating again and has two potential suitors at the same time. They find out about each other and Rosa enlists Boyle’s help in choosing between them. Known for his indecisiveness, Charles draws out the selection process long enough that one of the interests breaks up with Diaz thus making her decision for her.

It was announced last October, the Chelsea Peretti was leaving the show this season. This episode helped set the stage for her Gina’s exit in a touching way. Sometimes you have to let your friends go for them to grow. Jake knows Gina has so much potential and her ties to the Nine-Nine could prevent her from reaching it. She could be so much more than an executive assistant. Something that could have gotten lost due to the main story line is that Rosa and Alicia (Gina Rodriguez) broke up. They seemed like such a good couple when they met last season. Also, does anyone else love exceptionally nerdy Amy? Her turn ons of perfect attendance and community service were gold.

My Favorite 3 Lines:

Gina: Can’t wait to see everyone we graduated with and lie to them to what I’ve been up to for my own amusement. It’s going to be Fib City, population, Gina Clooney.

Scully: I’m pretty sure it’s a guy eating a sandwich. I’ll prove it to you.

Terry: I’m not buying you anymore sandwiches, Scully.

Scully: I’m doing this for us.

Hitchcock: Guys, we can’t fight. That’s what the Horndog wants.

Jake: That’s not Brandon’s profile. That’s mine.

Amy: I just want a quick peek at your attendance record. Zero absences. Oh, mama. Printing this for later.

Jake: Keep it in your pants Santiago.

Amy: Oh, that’s exactly where it’s going.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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