Deadly Class, Episode 9 Review: “Kids Of The Black Hole”

by Rachel Bellwoar

Even Lex’s explosives contact knows better than to deal with people he doesn’t trust, but what good does trust do on this week’s Deadly Class?

Benjamin Wadsworth, Maria Gabriela de Faria, Jack Gillett, Liam James, Lana Condor, and Taylor Hickson (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Maria Trusts Marcus …

… and he cheats on her. Relationships born out of murder aren’t born to last (I don’t have a statistic on that, but it sounds accurate) but there are relationships that are doomed and relationships that are sabotaged and Marcus has been a reluctant boyfriend from the start. They may have gotten Chico’s murder pinned on somebody else but that doesn’t change anything. It’s still dangerous to take their relationship public but, faced with the choice of letting Master Lin hit Marcus in the face, Maria pulls out her fan. We’ve seen Marcus have similar opportunities to come to her aid, but he’s always chosen to stay silent (often at Saya’s prodding) and that’s what seals their fate. Hiding their relationship doomed them but Marcus destroyed them. The way he and Saya talk about Maria this episode, too (“he’s dealing with another mess”), is abhorrent. Marcus doesn’t have to be Maria’s boyfriend but he and Saya are supposed to be her friends. He could’ve broken up with Maria. There’s no excuse for cheating on her.

Liam James, Taylor Hickson, Lana Condor, and Benjamin Wadsworth (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Lin Trusts Saya….

…. with the most important people in his life, but he doesn’t trust her enough to tell her who she’s guarding. If he had, would that have made a difference, and should it have made a difference?

Yes, if you argue Saya’s relationship with Master Lin is like Maria’s with El Diablo. As Marcus points out this episode, we don’t know much about Saya but for all that Master Lin is (arguably) the most sympathetic person this episode, he’s a horrible principal. We like him because he’s loyal to the people he loves but, unlike Marcus, Lin is in a position of authority, and he’s supposed to protect his students. Instead he uses them to fight his battles (sending Brandy and Viktor to kill Gao) and play favorites (letting Marcus live when he’s broken all the rules; not hurting Saya when she passes a note in class, like Brandy did in the pilot).

The Vegas Crew Trusts Saya and Marcus…

… yet they’re the ones who almost botch the plan, after forcing them all to participate. For Saya, this seems especially out of character (love can be a distraction, but not enough to make her careless with her life). Their manipulative style of leadership is gross, and they bring out the worst in each other. Willie’s the only one that calls them out (his read on Marcus’ murder of Rory is spot on) yet, somehow, he’s the one in the wrong for not wanting to kill anybody. Hopefully he stays strong and doesn’t turn back, but this is King’s Dominion. Are we really meant to expect happy endings?

Other thoughts on “Kids of the Black Hole:”

Luke Tennie (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)
  • Brandy and Viktor may have been lying about supporting Gao, but what about Shabnam (who assumedly left that tape recorder on in his room so Gao would have proof that Maria killed Chico)? He doesn’t realize it yet, but Marcus knows F*ckface killed his dad (and that he still has his mom) yet, instead of warning Shabnam about it, he tries to use him to get a line on how much F*ckface knows about him.
  • “Kids of the Black Hole” ends with Shu’s (Teresa Wong) murder but her scenes this episode are incredible, from fighting El Diablo and his crew, to helping Lin realize he needs to kill his sister (and she never tells him to kill her, either, but lets him come to that decision on his own, without laying on any guilt).
  • Since El Diablo already knows Maria killed Chico, that reason for killing F*ckface is gone.
  • You know you’re dealing with a serious mobster when they aren’t in any rush to kill you. El Diablo thinks he has Lin and his daughter cornered.

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