Atsushi Okubo’s Fire Force Gets A Trailer And Release Date

by Sage Ashford

A new promotional video for Fire Force, Atsushi Okubo (Soul Eater)’s newest manga, has been released. The trailer sets the tone for Okubo’s new universe, a world in which humanity is threatened by people who spontaneously combust and transform into creatures known as Infernals. Base level Infernals create a threat to humanity, while more advanced ones can control their flame and maintain their humanity. Fire Force follows Shinra Kusakabe, newest member of Special Fire Force Company 8, a group that works to shut down Infernals who can’t control their abilities.

Fire Force will be directed by Yuki Yase (Mekakucity Actors), with Yamato Haishima handling the scripts and David Production doing the animation. The series is scheduled to air July 5th in Japan, as part of MBS’ Super Animeism block. However, Funimation has already confirmed it will be streaming the series for Western audiences.

Sage Ashford

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