Harbinger Film Jumps From Sony To Paramount

by Erik Amaya

That Valiant Cinematic Universe may be on hold.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony’s Harbinger film, based on the Valiant comic of the same name, will now be a Paramount Pictures release. Moving with the production are writer/director Justin Tipping, co-writer Joshua Beirne-Golden, and producer Neal H. Moritz; who happens to have a first look deal at the studio.

The site also notes the move will allow Tipping and Beirne-Golden to use elements from a Harbinger screenplay Arrival writer Eric Heisserer wrote when the project was previously at Paramount. Which is a far more interesting wrinkle than Moritz moving the project from one studio to another. But, of course, the most curious aspect about Harbinger‘s move is that it upends Valiant’s plans to tie Harbinger with Sony’s Bloodshot film and lead into a Harbinger Wars feature. At this point, it is possible a cinematic universe will take root at Paramount without the Bloodshot feature as its anchor.

Then again, with Bloodshot as the only Valiant project set for release, all of these plans may come to nothing — as happens to so many cinematic universes.

Meanwhile, we’re curious to know what is in Heisserer’s screenplay that makes it a better fit than Tipping’s original plan for the film. We also hope the Valiant characters get their proper chance to be movie stars.

Bloodshot, meanwhile, is set for release on February 21st, 2020.

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