Marvel & RJ Reveal Arraw Spider-Man Tourbillon Watch

by James Ferguson

Swiss watchmaker RJ has revealed its next comic book inspired timepiece, this time in partnership with Marvel Studios with the Arraw Spider-Man Tourbillon. Every component, down to its plates, bridges, and gear is inspired by the wall-crawler’s style.

Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director of RJ says:

It was a pleasure for us to work closely with the team at Marvel Studios, who has put its trust in our hands for the creation and development of our first complicated watch designed in honor of Spider-Man. For the first time, a character and his universe inspired us not only in the aesthetics, but also in the technicality of the movement. And it is no coincidence that we have chosen a tourbillon: light, rapid and ethereal. Its increased power reserve of more than six days makes a fitting tribute to Spider-Man’s own endurance and performance.

The Arraw Spider-Man Tourbillon sports a long power reserve of 150 hours. The hours and minutes are displayed in a peripheral format, made possible by a planetary gear system that orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon. A 12-factor gear ratio allows the planetary minutes system to empower the progression of the hours. I don’t fully understand what that means, but it sounds very impressive.

The watch is available in two variations with each one limited on only 10 pieces. The red is made of a high-performance composite of black carbon and red fiberglass. That costs $97,700. The other version is black, made entirely of carbon. It’s only $92,000.

These watches are pretty amazing, even if they are a little out of my price range. I’m glad that even luxury watchmakers are able to see the value of comic book characters.

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