Marvels Snapshots Continues In April With Captain America And X-Men

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics is honoring the classic Marvels with a series of one-shots called Marvels: Snapshots. (Yes, I realize I just wrote the word “Marvel” three times in one sentence.) Curated by Kurt Busiek, the one-shots revisit legendary tales in the heroes’ lives through the perspective of ordinary people. These kick off in March with Namor and Fantastic Four. The publisher has revealed that April’s issues will focus on Captain America and the X-Men.

Captain America: Marvels Snapshot is written by Mark Russell and Busiek and illustrated by Ramon Perez. X-Men: Marvels Snapshot is written by Jay Edidin and Busiek and illustrated by Tom Reilly. Both comics will feature cover art by Alex Ross. The Captain America book revisits Jack Kirby’s Madbomb storyline from his run on the comic in the 1970s while the X-Men one-shot looks at the rise of super heroes through the eyes of a young orphan named Scott Summers.

Writer Mark Russell says:

Some people, when they call, you gotta pick up the phone. And Kurt Busiek is one of those people. I was pretty instantly sold on the project once he started describing it to me— stories about the human cost of these famous conflicts in the Marvel Universe. I truly enjoyed working on this with him.

Jay Edidin makes his Marvel Comics debut with X-Men: Marvel Snapshot. He’s the co-host of the X-Men podcast, Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men. He says:

This is a story that’s pretty personal to me—because I’m me, and it’s a Cyclops story; but even more because it’s about the ways that superheroes and the stories around them can become lifelines. If I’m going to be really sappy about it (which I absolutely am), I get to give one of my favorite heroes the same kind of touchstone he’s been to me over the years. I’d say it’s a dream come true, but given that I’m the kind of uptight overachiever who overidentifies with Scott Summers in the first place, maybe also a bit of an anxiety dream come true. That said, it’s been a blast to get to sit down and play in a sandbox I’ve spent years cataloguing and analyzing and explaining.

Look for both Captain America: Marvels Snapshot and X-Men: Marvels Snapshot in April 2020 at your local comic shop.

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