Swag! Thought Bubble 2018 Edition

by Olly MacNamee

Another Thought Bubble done and dusted. A comic con I promised I would watch what I spent. Well, that lasted about all of five minutes as I saw the only copy of Locust Moon’s oversized (and that’s an understatement) Little Nemo In Slumberland anthology hardback they put together a few years ago, and a book I’ve been scouting around for every since. Not anymore.
And, with Lee Bermejo in town the week Batwang: Damned #1 dropped – sorry, I mean Batman: Damned #1 – I’d be silly not to get his signature. Just don’t ask him about THAT pic. He was none too happy when I tried. None too happy at all.

The gentleman, the legend, Brian Stelfreeze

Still, a minor upset in an otherwise great weekend, with more spending to follow. Who wouldn’t want a Brian Stelfreeze print, or two, right?
Add to that Ram V and Anand Radhakrishnan’s new original graphic novel, Grafitty’s Wall (review to come!) – fresh off the press and launched at Thought Bubble – the ashcan for Ram V’s forthcoming Savage Shores #1 series from Vault Comics, and a couple more dope looking titles (Horror-humour title, Final Girl #1 by Nik Holmes and Blood Moon #0 by PM Buchan and John Pearson) and the odd bits and bobs and I walked away with more than expected but what I did lug back home were certainly all killers, no fillers!

Finally –  and not as an afterthought, I promise (!) – a little something for my daughter, an avid animator at the tender age of 13! Lorenzo Etherington’s hugely successful Kickstarter book, How To Think When You’re Drawing, and a beautiful print of Rick and Morty and their pal, Bird Person by Dean Beattie, and I was guaranteed a hero’s welcome when I finally rocked up at home Sunday evening.
Another great weekend catching up with a growing community of comic book and comic con friends and familiars. Let’s all do it again next year!
5 years in the iso cubes for you. Crimes against fashion!

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