NYCC 2018: Todd McFarlane Claims The Spawn Movie Will Be Scarier Than Joker Origins

by Tito W. James

During his Panel at New York Comic Con Spawn creator Todd McFarlane advocated for darker comic book films. McFarlane even went so far as to claim that Deadpool and Logan were basically just PG13 movies but with some language and character deaths. McFarlane also claimed that his new Spawn film would be scarier than the upcoming Joker Origins movie.
While it is admittedly easy for McFarlane to smack talk other movies when he doesn’t have any images to show of his own, he’s got a point.

Personally I’m unimpressed with Joaquin Phoenix’s make-up job. Something about having eyebrows painted over his eyebrows just comes across as silly rather than threatening. I’s not as bad as tattooing the word “Damaged” on his head, but it’s still not a good design.

By contrast the Spawn Reboot is intended to be a horror film. Jamie Foxx, as the role of Spawn will only speak when in human form. Spawn will remain silent in “beast mode” to heighten the menace, much like Michael Myers in Halloween.

McFarlane wants the Spawn film to be so messed up that if you brought your children to it they would walk out crying. It is true that most comic book movies only hint at darkness instead of going deep into disturbing territory. It would be cool to see a Spawn film were the demons are actually frightening instead of just cool looking like in other supernatural comic book films. Only time will tell if Mcfarlane is all talk but hey, no ever said PT Barnum didn’t put on a good show.

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