Swag! James’ Haul From NYCC 2018

by James Ferguson

New York Comic Con is the only major convention I attend each year so I try to make the most of it. I bring a separate tote bag that I use to throw everything in as I’m walking around. That being said, I tried to keep expenses down this year but I still managed to get some pretty awesome stuff.

Here are the comics I picked up while at the convention. I made sure to grab a copy of Sink #6 and Wailing Blade #1 from ComixTribe, as well as the new comics from writer Dirk Manning (Hope, Cosa Nostra, and The Adventures of Cthulhu Jr and Dastardly Dirk). The creative teams for all of these books were on hand so I was able to get them all signed. DC Comics was giving out a bunch of books at their pseudo-booth. I also got an early copy of Hex Wives #1 from the Vertigo panel and previews of the upcoming graphic novels The Magicians and Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon from two different Boom! Studios panels.

Prints galore! Three of them came from the Vertigo panel including a cool map from the upcoming title High Level. The Power Rangers print features all kinds of characters on it from Insight Editions. The Hellboy print from Dark Horse was something I was looking out for, not just because it’s a cool image from Mike Mignola, but because it has a timeline for the series on the back. Also, how cool is the LEGO version of the Aquaman poster?

This was a giant poster that DC was giving out. I like the image but I have no place for it so I’m going to see if my local library wants it. I do have to wonder how they’re all reading comics underwater. Wouldn’t the books get all soggy?

Finally, here are the odds and ends. I snagged a few of the mini-prints from the Dark Horse Comics booth and some pins from the She-Ra display. I got two of the NYCC exclusive Primal Age Mr. Freeze figures from attending two different DC Comics panels. This is perfect because I have two kids so now they don’t have to fight over them.

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