Crime Is A Beast In Kings Of Nowhere

by Tito W. James

If you’re like me and dig anthropomorphic crime stories for adults like Blacksad and Unnatural then you’re going to love Kings of Nowhere by Koteri Ink.

In most anthropomorphic stories, there isn’t any explanation as to why the world is populated by animals with human characteristics. In Kings of Nowhere, human/animal hybrids called Beasties date back thousands of years and served as inspiration for animal deities like Anubis, Ganesha, and the Monkey King. However, over time Beasties became feared rather than worshiped and were forced into the lowest levels of society. Any human who experiences trauma can transform into a Beastie and will be unable to revert back.

Hidden in the slums and away from hateful eyes, the Beasties learned to thrive in the criminal underworld, using their unique skills and primal instincts to gain the upper hand on humans. The Beasties became the lords of their own domain, masters of the unseen — Kings of Nowhere!

Koteri Ink has created a crime-ridden world that’s a cross between Snatch and Samurai Champloo. The Beastie element also acts as poignant social commentary to those who have been dehumanized by society. Kings of Nowhere is a great concept that can explore action, crime, and drama. The premise is a unique take on the anthropomorphic genre and the artistic quality speaks for itself.

You can order your copy of Kings of Nowhere right now.

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