Gwen Moves Over To Earth-616 With Ghost-Spider #1

by James Ferguson

Spider-Gwen is no more! Now it’s Ghost-Spider! With her identity public knowledge in her home dimension of Earth-65, she’s starting a new life on Earth-616 with the help of Peter Parker. The plan is to live like a normal college student here by day and then go back home to patrol and do the super hero thing there. That’s not to say that she won’t suit up on this side if need be.

Ghost-Spider #1 serves as a reset button for Gwen. She went through some troubles figuring out her place in the world in her latest series. It turns out her place was really on a different world. We also learn about what’s going on with her symbiote and a possible solution there. Writer Seanan McGuire has thought of everything Gwen would need to settle into her new status quo.

What’s most interesting here is the dynamic between Gwen and Peter. Both characters have history with each other…sort of. Peter’s first love was the Gwen Stacy of this world and Gwen still mourns the loss of her best friend, Peter Parker of her world. There’s an age difference here so instead of any sort of relationship drama, it’s more of a big brother / little sister bond. Peter looks out for Gwen while she pokes fun at him.

It is pretty cool to see the two of them web-slinging through the city. Takeshi Miyazawa has quickly made his mark on Spider-Gwen with some awesome action sequences and signature poses. You can tell that Gwen is a teenager with a bit of attitude by how she swings into battle. Her hooded costume helps too.

There’s an awesome splash page where Gwen leaps into the air, metaphorically jumping head first into this new opportunity. Gwen is illuminated by the city lights, cutting through the darkness of the late night, creating this purple haze in the sky as the sun begins to rise. The light makes her costume look even cooler. Colorist Ian Herring does a brilliant job here.

Gwen’s civilian look is like your typical college student. She’s bright-eyed, excited, and occasionally overwhelmed about this new chapter of her life. Her facial expression when the dean explains Tony Stark’s scholarship for aliens, dimensional travelers, clones, and more is priceless.

This issue bounces back and forth between the two worlds even though Gwen spends most of her time over in 616. Letterer Clayton Cowles provides a scratchy title to let us know when we have changed places. These pop on the page in a bright yellow.

Ghost-Spider #1 covers a lot of ground. It works hard to establish this new setup for Gwen and her supporting cast. Twice the worlds means twice the danger. With a few of the loose ends tied up, she can go back to fighting bad guys and living a normal life…or whatever passes for one in her case.

Ghost-Spider #1 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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