Zan And Janya Are Back In Wonder Twins #7 From Russell, Byrne, And Wonder Comics

by Olly MacNamee

After a brief summer vacation, Zan and Jayna are back with Wonder Twins #7 and with no more Legion of Annoyance to keep them busy, our Wonder Twins get moved to tour guide, showing people around the Halls of Justice. But, things don’t stay quiet for too long, and before you know it, what started off as a good day soon become a very bad day as the heavy-hitters of the Justice League shoot off to prevent a meteor from smashing into the Earth, while there’s riots in the streets as local hockey team, the Ice Cubes’ fans run riot!

As ever, this is one of DC Comics light-hearted books, with plenty to put a smile on your face as Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne start laying out the next half of this extended run with a new characters who I think could well be this half-season’s The Scrambler. Enter, stage left, Repulso; the Justice League member you didn’t know they had. A man who’s unfortunate powers means he has to live his life in lockdown, his stench is that putrid. Even if his manner is the total opposite. You are immediately drawn into his sad story because even living a life of such severe isolation has not dampened his spirits one jot.
Overall, this issue is a day-in-the-life story, which are always fun to read and a welcome distraction from the main action. Although, this issue is more a soft restart given it was originally planned for only a 6 issue run. There are the odd sight gags, such as the sign outside the Halls of Justice warning visitors to ‘beware the invisible jet’, or the subtle inclusion of a hockey team named after a certain rapper moments before one of his most seminal tracks, ‘Today Was a Good Day‘,  is name-checked by news anchorman, Tyler Tate. And, while super-powers were used, there was no AK in sight. It really was a good day then.

Wonder Twins #7 is a great re-introductory issue; reacquainting us with the twins, their lives and the problems that still exist when your best friend has been incarcerated. And, as we’ve witnessed before, it may be a ‘funny book’ but there’s also a great deal of depth too, as we’ve seen with the development of The Scrambler in the first 6 issues. I’ll be interested to see whether Russell has a similar story arc in mind for Repulso. Although, I still sense there’s some unfinished business to be had from the first 6 issues. It all seems far too easy for Jan and Zayna at the moment. That won’t last, methinks.
Wonder Twins #7 is out now from DC Comics/Wonder Comics.

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