‘Seven Knights: Time Wanderer’ Arrives November 5th On Nintendo Switch

by Gary Catig

Last month, Netmarble launched the official website for Seven Knights: Time Wanderer. Though they have developed numerous mobile games, Netmarble is stepping into the console world with this title. Now, the release date has been revealed and gamers won’t have to wait too long to play.
Seven Knights – Time Wanderer will be released November 5 on the Nintendo eShop in 40 countries. To celebrate the news, all new content was made available on the developer’s YouTube channel and the website was updated to include tons of new information on the in-game characters, never before seen screenshots, more soundtracks and the last chapter of the promotional webtoon.
The game first began in 2014 as a mobile game but this version will contain game content optimized to the Nintendo Switch and feature an entirely different control and battle systems. It’s a combination of real-time and turn-based RPG and follows the story of Vanessa, the eighth member of the Seven Knights. She becomes lost through space and time and attempts to return home using her sentient hourglass, Sandy.

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