‘A3: Still Alive’ Launch Features, Rewards And Events

by Gary Catig

As reported a few weeks back, A3: Stay Alive would be released on November 10. Now that the open world RPG mobile game is available, Netmarble announced what players can look forward to during the launch. This includes:

  • Five Powerful Class Types, ranging from Berserkers (Physical Melee DPS), Templars (Magical / Physical Tank), and Wizards (Magical Ranged DPS) to Assassins (Physical DPS) and Archers (Ranged DPS).
  • A Seamless Blend of Battle Royale Mechanics and Open-World Exploration, allowing players to grow their Hero through active Battle Royale matches while auto-batting in the field, with a variety of high-level equipment to collect across both modes.
  • Over 201 Soul Linkers, unique characters that offer various benefits and are capable of actively accompanying the player to battle, to collect, train, and counter enemy and boss tactics.
  • In addition to an always-open PvP environment, players can compete in Dark Presence, a field-based 100 vs. 100 large scale battle that takes place across all servers, where an endless range of strategies and cooperation between factions are needed for players to rise to be the strongest warrior of them all.

AS an added bonus, new players can receive the following to help celebrate the release:

  • Pre-Registration Rewards: Thanks to players worldwide, the following have been unlocked at launch:
  1. 200,000 Gold, 100,000 Mana Stones, and 60 Topazes
  2. 1x 3-star Hannemorin Soulstar
  3. 1x 60-level Heroic-grade Armor
  • Launch Celebration Events
  1. Server Launch Celebration Check-in Event: Upon logging in, players will be rewarded with items, including a rare 5-star Soulstar selection chest, and more
  2. First Purchase Benefits: After players make their first in-app purchase, they will receive a Special Ancient-grade Weapon and other rewards for the next three days
  3. Level Based Benefits: Player will receive rewards after achieving certain levels. Those that reach these levels first will also earn extra rewards
  4. Diamond Consumption Event: Players can earn rewards, such as the 6-star Chotaring Soulstar, depending on how many Diamonds they use
  5. Starter Guide Mission: Players will have seven days to receive special medals after completing missions, which can be exchanged for different rewards

A3: Still Alive is now available as a free digital download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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