‘A3: Still Alive’ Celebrates One Million Downloads In First Week

by Gary Catig

The dark fantasy open-world mobile RPG, A3: Still Alive, only launched last week and already has over one million downloads. In addition, it was ranked No. 1 both in the App Store and Google Play. To celebrate the accomplishment, Netmarble is offering several in-game events where players that participate can obtain a wide variety of different items.

First, unique 1 Million Downloads box tickets can be collected and redeemed for the A3: Still Alive’s Box Event. The tickets can be used to flip 36 individual boxes that contain prizes including a Heroic Accessory Chest, Light of Heroic Accessory Lv. 100 Ancient ★ Equipment Fragment, and Ethers.

There is also the 1 Million Downloads ‘Thank You’ 7-Day Check-in Event. Players can login for seven consecutive days to receive awards such as Gold, 1 Million Downloads box tickets, Hayren’s Essence, and a S★ Rare Guaranteed Soulstar at the highest level.

In addition, there are new players rewards at start-up like Character Convenience Function Package 1 Day Ticketx3, Soul Linker Convenience Function Package 1 Day Ticket x3, and Beginning Souleater Weapon Chest. Finally, to express their appreciation for the positive response, Netmarble will offer a new Thank You package available to purchase in the A3: Still Alive shop.

A3: Still Alive is now available as a free digital download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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